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Find answers to some of the questions you may have regarding Phoenix Worship Community here. We’ve addressed some of the most common ones below, but for more information about our community feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you in any way possible.


Can I know more about Phoenix Worship Community's Purpose?

As a community of believers, our existence and purpose are to focus on what matters the most in life, and in order to implement it, we need the guidance and the leadership of the Word of God to help us understand what life consists of, and what life it is all about. Reaching a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic community across all walks of life with the same vision is made possible only by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and His anointing, which will allow us to Reach Out, Preach, Testify, and the most important community's approach to Lead by example.

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Can I know more about Phoenix Worship Community's life groups? 

We are establishing several types of outreaching and ministerial life groups to ensure that you will find within our community, a place where you can: experience, develop, grow and lead in your calling for the works in the Kingdom of God. Everyone is welcome to meet others in our Phoenix Worship Community life groups by inquiring and joining a community group today.

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Can I know more about Phoenix Worship Community Volunteer Opportunities?

Phoenix Worship Community encourages the participation of volunteers who are supporting and want to grow together with our community in unity and its ministerial vision. If you are in agreement with our community vision and are willing to receive more information in regards to how you can become a Volunteer in any of our established community departments please inquire and contact us about the open volunteer position in: The children's Ministry - Women's Ministry - Men's Ministry - Worship Ministry - Prayer Ministry - Young Development Ministry - Adults Programs & Restoration Ministry. 

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