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Make a difference in your community

The Servant's Word

" Like a Phoenix that rises from ashes, may the fire of the Holy Spirit consume us, that from the ashes of a broken and contrite spirit, from pain and suffering, from sickness and diseases, from transgressions and sins, a new generation will raise up to start flying a holy banner together with victory songs of Worship and Praise, towards our Almighty God, in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus". Christ.


In His Service - Pastor Mihai Ilioi

Volunteer in one of our PWC's Ministries

We believe the best way for our ministerial initiatives to be successful is for the community to become actively involved. If you are looking for a fulfilling means by which to be a part of our efforts, we are inviting and welcoming you.

PWC Children's Ministry

PWC Teen's  Ministry

PWC Youth Development Ministry

PWC Women's Ministry

PWC Men's Ministry

PWC Prayer Ministry

PWC Worship Ministry



Join a PWLG

Phoenix Worship Community believes that we were not created to do life alone, and this includes the ministry's responsibilities for its purpose and function as a community established in the Word of the Living God to reach out to other communities and people from all walks of life. Phoenix Worship Community is establishing several types of ministerial groups to ensure that you will find within our community, a place where you can experience, grow and lead in the works of the Kingdom of God. Meet others in our Phoenix Worship Community Groups by joining a group today.  

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